Contents of Material Evidence

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1.  Material Evidence: Learning from Archaeological Practice
      Alison Wylie and Robert Chapman

Part I. Fieldwork and Recording Conventions

2.  Repeating the Unrepeatable Experiment
      Richard Bradley

3.  Experimental Archaeology at the Cross Roads: A Contribution to Interpretation or Evidence of ‘Xeroxing’?
      Martin Bell

4.Proportional Representation’: Multiple voices in Archaeological Interpretation at Çatalhöyük
      Shahina Farid

5. Integrating Database Design and Use into Recording Methodologies
      Michael J. Rains

6. The Tyranny of Typologies: Evidential Reasoning in Romano-Egyptian Domestic Archaeology
      Anna Lucille Boozer

Part II. Cross-field trade: Archaeological applications of external expertise and technologies

7. The Archaeological Bazaar: Scientific Methods for Sale? Or: ‘Putting the ‘Arch-’ Back into Archaeometry’
      A. M. Pollard and P. Bray

8. Radiocarbon Dating and Archaeology: History, Progress and Present Status
      Sturt W. Manning

9. Using Evidence from Natural Sciences in Archaeology
      David Killick

10. Working the Digital: Some Thoughts from Landscape Archaeology
      Marcos Llobera

11. Crafting Knowledge with (Digital) Visual Media in Archaeology
      Sara Perry

Part III. Multiple working hypotheses, strategies of elimination, and triangulation

12. Uncertain on Principle: Combining Lines of Archaeological Evidence to Create Chronologies
      Alex Bayliss and Alasdair Whittle

13. Lessons from Modelling Neolithic Farming Practice: Methods of Elimination
      Amy Bogaard

14. Evidence, Archaeology and Law: An initial Exploration
      Roger M. Thomas

15. Law and Archaeology: Modified Wigmorean Analysis
      Terence Anderson and William Twining

16. Traditional Knowledge, Archaeological Evidence, and Other Ways of Knowing
      George Nicholas and Nola Markey

Part IV: Broader perspectives: Material Culture as Object and Evidence

17. Evidence of What? On the Possibilities of Archaeological Interpretation
      Gavin Lucas

18. Meeting Pasts Halfway: A Consideration of the Ontology of Material Evidence in Archaeology
      Andrew Meirion Jones

19. Matter and Facts: Material Culture and the History of Science
      Simon Werrett